Power & Lighting

Shell Scheme Exhibitors

The official stand builder Moreton Hire, is responsible for all lighting and electrical requirements.

Shell Scheme stands are supplied with 2 x 23w spotlights per 9sqm.

No Power is included with your stand. Power, electrics and additional lighting must be ordered through the official electrical supplier Moreton Hire. Any on-site changes will incur a late booking fee.

For further information please refer to the Contact List or log into the Moreton Hire portal to order power and or additional lighting.

Space Only Exhibitors

Space only exhibitors may use their own electrical contractor. However regulations require that you advise us of your contractor and order the basic power supply through Morton Hire. Only the official service provider may access the electrical pits. Please note that all stand contractors must order power for use during move-in and move-out in addition to your own requirements for use during the show. Any on-site changes will incur a fee for late bookings.

For further information please refer to the Contact List to order power and or additional lighting.

Power Supply

Power supply to the exhibition venue is 240V, single phase 50Hz and 415V, 3 phase 50Hz. For more information or if you require 24 hour power you will need to contact the official stand builder. All portable light fittings must have a Certificate of Approval from Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulators. All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged in accordance with the State Work Health & Safety Regulations and Australian Standards prior to use on site. This applies to all contractors working on site and exhibitors who bring in electrical leads and appliances for their stands during exhibitions. When you order your power, please remember to order your testing and tagging.